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General Cobra Tips

Postby Charles » Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:42 am

I'm throwing out the following points for new people who find Cobra and as a refresher for existing users:

-- Cobra is open source as explained at If you'd like to use "the latest", feel free. Cobra is very easy to build and use, and it only requires .NET 2.0+ or Novell Mono. Due to the automated regression test suite, the repository is almost always in a solid state.

-- If you'd like to know what's been improved since the last version, you will find a file in the workspace under Developer\IntermediateReleaseNotes.text. You can also browse this file online at trunk/Developer/IntermediateReleaseNotes.text.

-- If you would like to see the development progress on Cobra including ticket activity and source checkins, you can get that at

-- The How to Learn Cobra document can take you through the steps required to learn Cobra. If you already know one or more other languages such as Python, C# or Java, then you can learn Cobra very quickly.

-- You'll find more documentation at the docs page and the wiki.

-- Cobra's parser checks for some of the syntax found in Python, Java and C# that is not compatible with Cobra. Very specific error messages are generated to guide you to the correct syntax. As one example, Cobra uses throw/catch rather than Python's raise/except. When Cobra encounters an incorrect "raise" or "except" it will suggest "throw" or "catch".

-- Feel free to ask questions here on the forum.

-- If you'd like to contribute a patch, please review the HowToSubmitAPatch wiki page.

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