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New directions for this Wonderful Project!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:40 am
by bencz
on January 18, 2015, I received a response from Mr. Charles, from an email, where he thinks about migrating or creating a language version with native machine support.

I have some points to consider regarding this, since I have already developed some programming languages that generate native code....
First and most important:
[*]I do not know how interesting this is for the language eco-system, as this will require creating the entire runtime of the language, in which today it is practically non-existent, since it uses the .NET runtime.
[*] Portability - I use the Cobra language in Linux on Mainframe, migrating to native level code, will generate a major inconvenience for legacy projects.

It is clear and visible that the Cobra language has several users, this is wonderful!

I follow up and work on dev. of a 100% OO programming language, called ELENA, The ELENA language compiler generates code for a VM that Mr. Alex developed, until a few years ago, generated native machine code, I see how laborious and problematic it is to implement the language runtime, it's a really nice job to do, seen the challenge, but, it is very laborious.
Another point to highlight is that few people become interested in language, because it is necessary to learn about language runtime and what was in the language runtime... Unlike .NET, the MSDN documentation is valid for just about any language that works on the .Net VM.

Anyway, my proposal is, since there are enough people interested in the project, is to create a repository of the compiler in github (because it adds greater visibility and is the system of revision more used at the moment), delegate powers to some users to be able to approve or to refuse pull - requests, and let the language start growing with your own legs.
This involves of course creating Github "README" information, creating documentation, for example:
[*] How to build the compiler
[*] Best practices
[*] .....

Stay here, my idea, of course, is 100% open to more ideas and information increment!

Re: New directions for this Wonderful Project!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:29 am
by Charles
If we create a "native Cobra" we would create a Cobra/Python bridge so that Python libraries could be easily used. The core library would still be in Cobra and independent of Python.

Personally, I wouldn't approach this work without a sponsorship of some sort.