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Merging in the Mono C# compiler

PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:39 am
by Charles
Currently Cobra writes C# source code to disk and invokes the C# compiler on it. While this has been a nice bootstrapping technique, it adds some hard drive churning and delays that would be good to eliminate. Now that the Mono C# compiler is under the MIT license, we can do that. See ticket:91 for details.

I think this is better than writing an IL backend due to the advantages of leverage. A lot of work has been put into their compiler; no need to reinvent the wheel if backends are now becoming commodities.

I will not get to that ticket any time soon myself. There are features for me to flesh out (cues, lambdas, etc.), bugs to squash and forum posts to answer. Plus I will be nudging the SharpDevelop add-in forward (although there too I hope that volunteers will kick in so that I can focus on the compiler).

So have at it!