January 2009 Help Wanted

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January 2009 Help Wanted

Postby Charles » Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:59 am

Cobra is an open source project under the MIT license. It runs on a variety of systems including Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris.

Below I've highlighted some specific things that would help the Cobra project. I've place emphasis on items that can be worked on independently and therefore in parallel to the compiler, which I'm always busy on.

Feel free to discuss these here in the forums, but I recommend starting a fresh topic post to help separate out the conversations. Here we go:

-- New: Provide an XNA example in Cobra.

-- Provide editor support for your favorite editor. See EditorSupport in the wiki for the current state of support

-- Integrate Cobra with Microsoft ASP.NET and/or Novell Mono xsp2.

-- Merge in the Mono C# compiler backend to improve Cobra compiler performance. Discussed here.

-- Create a SharpDevelop (aka #develop) plugin. I nudged this forward a month ago via a discussion and subsequent new forum. But I really need someone else to take the lead as I continue to care for the compiler.

-- Create a Visual Studio plugin. See VSX Dev Center.

-- Create an .msi installer for Cobra for the next release. ticket:19

-- Benchmarks between IronPython (and also IronRuby) and Cobra would be interesting. How big is the gap? Are there places we could improve upon even further?

-- Some further Samples or How Tos that would be interesting:
Cobra DirectX 3D mini example
Cobra OpenGL mini example
Regex How To
WPF Sample or How To

If you create a Sample or How To, please try to use a clean, consistent coding style as seen in the existing ones. "Samples" do something useful or instructive, using whatever features and libraries they need. "How To"s focus on a particular feature or aspect of Cobra, contain instructional comments and don't generally do any useful work.

-- And of course, hammer on Cobra and report your problems here so they can be fixed and we can get to 1.0.

-- Any Trac ticket not assigned to someone is open to the public for implementation. See also: HowToSubmitAPatch

-- Participate. Join the forums and the discussion. Use your forums handle to login to Trac so you can edit the wiki, work on tickets, etc.

-- If you think of anything else, feel free to discuss here.
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