Cobra Release 2009-04-30

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Cobra Release 2009-04-30

Postby Charles » Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:54 pm

Download at

Brief notes:

-- Various improvements to the installer contributed by users based on their experiences and environments. Thanks everyone!

-- Command line parsing robustness improvements.

-- Warn when "base.init" or another ".init" is not invoked explicitly at the beginning of an initializer.

-- Allow /# and /# (block comment start/end) to be indented.

New library stuff:

-- obj.typeOf
-- CobraCore.random
-- IList<of T>.concated as IList<of T>
-- IList<of T>.numberedDown as KeyValuePair<int, T>*
-- IList<of T>.random as T
-- IList<of T>.random(r as Random) as T

-- Other minor fixes.

You can always get full details from

Thanks to everyone contributed! If you have any problems or questions, speak up.
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