Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby suliman » Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:36 am

I have Win7 x64 sp1
SD 4.0 Stable

If I press ok I have next error ... 2ab7b0.jpg

After it I see the dialog of new starting new solution again, and every time when I press the try to start new create new solution I see back the error message above.
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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby RIGHT_THEN » Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:52 am

Hello Suliman

From what i can gather that as your error says missing
then let us assume that it is missing.
as remeady i would request you to download the source of this plugin
and compile it on your system itself. and use that compiled plugin.
for doing that i would submitt following suggestions

when you download the source and unzip it
you will see a solution file with the name
CobraProgrammingLanguageBinding.sln open it in SharpDevelop itself.
it is a c# solution.

now then,

you would find two projects inside of this solution
1)CobraProgrammingLanguageBinding.csproj ( this is what deals with Shardevelop )
2)CobraBuildTask.csproj ( this deals with Compiling and cobra compiler interaction )

now go to "Project" menu and click. ( on the Menu bar of the sharpdevelop )
now click "Project options".
you would see a window opening as tabbed window in that click the "Compiling" tab
now whatever is written in textBox below OutputPath Label delete it.
and write this ..\bin\Debug\ make sure to write .. it is not a typing error. it is
intended for parent directory.
Do this for both projects.
by doing this the output of both the projects will comeout in a the same folder
and it would be easy for you to copy those files rather than running from one
output folder to another.

inside CobraProgrammingLanguageBinding.csproj you can see there is a Class file CobraProjectBinding.cs
that is the class your plugin was complaning about as you can see that it is inclued in compilation
this time on your computer for your satisfaction.

now then,
Compile it.

you should see a bin folder in the directory where your CobraProgrammingLanguageBinding.sln
is located.

well copy the following files from the output folder i mentioned above.

1) Cobra.Lang.Compiler.dll
2) Cobra.Lang.dll
3) Cobra.Build.targets
4) CobraBuildTask.dll
5) CobraProgrammingLanguageBinding.addin
6) CobraProgrammingLanguageBinding.dll

and then paste that in the "C:\Program Files\SharpDevelop\4.0\AddIns\BackendBindings\CobraBinding" Folder
i am assuming that your Sharpdevelop is installed in that folder otherwise paste it where your
BackendBindings is located.

choose the replace option for the previously existing files with the same name.
and let those folders like Resources and Templates remain their.
make sure there is a previously existing cobra.exe in CobraBinding folder. if not download
the latest Cobra sources and use install-from-workspace.bat and copy the Cobra.Lang.dll and cobra.exe
as well as Cobra.Lang.Compiler.dll from the cobra output folder and copy them here.

now test your plugin.
tell me what problem you encounter this time.

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