Requests for this week's release?

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Requests for this week's release?

Postby Charles » Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:57 pm

Below are my intermediate release notes. I won't have a lot more time on this release due the presentation on Thu and open sourcing on Fri, but I'm checking to see if anyone has "must have requests". If so, reply here.

Added support for declaring typed method signatures, aka delegates.

Added assembly level attributes.

Give a specific error message for unexpected indentation:
Expecting a statement instead of extra indentation. One indent is 4 spaces or 1 tab with display width of 4.

-debug now implies -debugging-tips:no

Added -key-file, -key-container and -delay-sign command line options. See "cobra -h" for details.

Give suggestions for unknown method calls (previously only unknown properties and argless method calls were given).

* Fixed: The command line help for -embed-run-time fails to mention that copying Cobra.Lang.dll is necessary (since it is not registered in the GAC yet).

* Fixed: Primitive types such as 'bool' and 'int' are not type compatible with their backing System struct types such as System.Bool and System.Int32.

* Fixed: Cobra doesn't exclude irrelevant warnings from the C# backend for non-English languages.

* Fixed: Cobra does not detect unused local variables in many cases (which generate warnings).

* Fixed: Starting an argument with an underscore blows up the compiler!
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