When you report a problem...

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When you report a problem...

Postby Charles » Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:15 pm

-- Your environment which is: Cobra version, .NET or Mono with version, operating system with version, IDE if applicable
-- The output of "cobra -version" is very useful as it includes all of the above except IDE/editor info.
-- Standalone code sample, instead of fragment, when possible
-- Compilation flags/command-line
-- Description of problem

Using Cobra from svn today on .NET 3.5 on Win 7 32-bit
# cobra --version
# svn:2600 (post 0.8) / 2011-08-15 on Mono CLR v2.0.50727
# cobra -d -ert:yes hello.cobra
class Hello
def main
print 'Hello.'

When I run the above, I experience...

Often people just report the description with a snippet, but including the other things is very helpful and will you get you a faster, more effective answer. This applies to both forums and tickets.

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