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Use the Source, Luke

PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 4:23 am
by Charles

Sorry this didn't make the Subversion repository, but I'm a little fried after a long day and there are some things to do in that area.

Also, there is a mix of line endings between files. Some are Unix and some DOS/Windows. More and more editors are handling this seamlessly so you may not even notice. This came about due to Subversion having no automatic treatment of text files with respect to line endings. Is it wrong to blame Subversion? I don't think so because other projects have been burned as well including Mono. I just don't think people expect this behavior.

I'm not sure what approach I'll take on fixing it. Just converting and checking in means that there will be a change on every line. And that means that diffs between revisions that came before and after that checkin will be meaningless.

Also, seeing as this is the first release of the source, I'm sure there will be some problems that need to be addressed. Just reply here and let me know what you run into.

Once you get the source, check out the ReadMe.text, License.text and Developer/ImplementationNotes.text. Then cd into Source and see if you can build with:


There is "comp.bat" and "comp" so whether on Windows or Unix-like systems, it should work.

If Windows users have trouble unpacking .tar.gz files let me know and I can upload a .zip.

The current approach is short term. We'll use Subversion in the near future.

Time for sleep.


Re: Use the Source, Luke

PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 4:30 am
by Charles
Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

* There are four warnings when building, so that's normal.

* You can run the Cobra regression test suite with "testify" in the Source directory. I think that's described in ImplementationNotes.text

* There are some test failures on Windows. There is one that is fake failure involving an extra warning from C#. But the ones in the "command line" section are more interesting and need to be looked at.

Re: Use the Source, Luke

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:53 pm
by Charles
Okay the tarball of source code was just a hold over while I wrestled with some technical issues. To snag a Subversion workspace, do this:
Code: Select all
svn co CobraWorkspace

To browse online visit although I'll warn you that reading source code via the browser is lame compared to having it local and hopefully highlighted.

If you're not familiar with Subversion, check out

I hope to get Trac up by next Sunday which we'll use for issue tickets and wiki pages.

Re: Use the Source, Luke

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:09 pm
by Charles
I've put up a new page for this topic at

And I've put a major link to it in page header for the site next to others like "Downloads" and "Samples".