Cobra 0.9 Plans

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Cobra 0.9 Plans

Postby Charles » Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:02 pm

I've entered and marked all the tickets that I feel are required for Cobra 0.9. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list, but a minimum list. I did review all the existing tickets, however, so if something is not marked for Cobra 0.9 that means I did not consider it a requirement. But that does not mean I wouldn't accept a patch for it.

See the the roadmap for a description of the release and then click "Cobra 0.9" to see the outstanding tickets. For any ticket, not assigned, feel free to contribute!

I have absolutely no estimated timeline to complete these tickets. There are many factors including my availability, your contribs and what further things we discover as we use Cobra.

In the mean time, please use Cobra from source using our easy installer.
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