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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#191 False compilation error with .getType on a generic type new defect minor
#214 Members use in preconditions on x mustn't be less visible than x. new defect medium
#224 'use' statements in partial class files dependent on order on compile command line. new defect minor
#228 Cobra Internal Error with IronPython (mscorlib) new defect medium
#229 -files: could use more power new idea minor
#231 all/for in invariant causes COBRA INTERNAL ERROR new defect minor
#232 Small inconsistency in 'if a inherits B' semantics. new defect minor
#235 A numeric literal ending in . such as "2." gives a cryptic error message new defect minor
#241 -test tests runtime with -ert new defect minor
#244 Cobra gets itself into a state where it puts single quotes around all the strings it is outputting. new defect minor
#246 warn on overwriting variable as a for loop's variable new enhancement trivial
#256 This code not implementing all interfaces' methods compiles a broken assembly. new defect minor
#267 Cobra Enums not support methods of Enum Baseclass new defect minor
#269 Add Enum handling features new enhancement minor
#272 Support generic declaration of sig (delegate) new enhancement medium
#282 Useful compile error (when misusing generics) new enhancement minor
#286 Invoke delegate property compiler error new defect medium Cobra 0.9
#290 Add DefaultDictionary.cobra to Cobra.Core new enhancement medium
#291 lambda and object initialization compiler error new defect medium
#300 allow to chain a few exceptions with a single body new enhancement minor
#305 Add restrictions for underscores in numeric literals new enhancement minor
#306 Unable to insert underscores into some numeric literals new defect minor
#309 tests in mixins new enhancement major
#310 enum check on compilation new enhancement major
#319 Move to .Net 4.0: Cobra dynamic codegen should use 'dynamic' type new enhancement minor
#320 Provide a tool to automate conversion of C# code to cobra code new task medium
#321 Overload resolution needs improvement new defect major
#322 Support immutable/readOnly on class decl new enhancement minor
#327 Move to .Net 4.0: Generate C# lambdas for Cobra lambdas (Codegen) new enhancement medium
#328 Move to .Net 4.0: Support Co and ContraVariance new enhancement minor
#329 Move to .Net 4.0: Generate C# Automatic properties and Object Initializers for Cobra property inits (codegen) new enhancement medium
#333 Implementing ITestRunListener is a little awkward new defect minor
#341 Require (some) binary operators to have spaces around them new enhancement medium
#342 Cannot declare method overloads in mixins new defect major
#346 Cannot break out of a loop from within a branch new defect major
#348 Installer leaves root owned files new defect medium
#350 Handle more forward references in `var` initialization expressions new enhancement minor
#356 Preconditions for methods that return a stream are not checked new defect major
#357 Internal error for parameter named `result` new defect medium
#359 Confusing interaction between Object? instance and bools new defect minor
#361 Getters should always specify return types new defect major
#363 -turbo should default disable -dst (?) new defect minor
#364 Cobra snapshot may have been compiled on .NET 4.5 and inadvertently introduced a dependency new defect medium
#366 Compiling the same file twice new defect minor
#368 Dynamic variables that are Arrays should support Indexing new defect medium
#369 Assigning values to enums out-of-order does not work new defect medium
#370 Some MD/XS projects trigger a COBRA INTERNAL ERROR/FormatException new defect major Cobra 0.9
#371 MSBuild Task: error if no assembly references in .cobraproj file new defect minor
#372 MSBuild Task: a file "cobra" in the project directory causes and error on Windows. new defect minor
#373 block comments extends to last commented line new defect major
#374 shared classes do not compile new defect major
#375 Confusing error message when omitting `as dynamic` new enhancement trivial
#376 Cannot use stream as paramter type if type name is fully qualified new defect medium
#378 CIE by incomplete `StreamType` construction. new defect critical
#379 enum of int8/uint8: translation wrong new defect critical
#380 CIE caused by local var declaration "x as EnumType". new defect critical
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