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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#115 Support StringBuilder as a target for "print to X, ..." assigned Chuck enhancement minor
#118 Improve error message for generic type names that are missing "of" new enhancement minor
#123 support for property with different access modifier visibility new enhancement minor
#126 Provide enumerate method (or similar) in CobraCore accepted Chuck enhancement medium
#137 Move to .Net 4.0: Add typed tuples to the language new enhancement medium
#144 Add units of measurement new enhancement minor
#145 complete the collection of string.split extension methods accepted jonathandavid enhancement minor
#149 Simplifying internal class VariType accepted jonathandavid enhancement minor
#150 Implement extend IList<of T>.toDictionary<of TKey>(...) new enhancement major
#159 Get Cobra working with .NET Compact Framework new enhancement medium
#164 Option to keep bytecode in memory new enhancement critical
#172 Provide an interactive mode for Cobra (REPL) new enhancement minor
#174 Support for Regular Expression literals and matching assigned Chuck enhancement major
#179 support shared access modifier on class definitions assigned Chuck enhancement minor
#193 Extension to HowTo/29[02]* to include shell sort assigned Chuck enhancement minor
#200 Cobra compiler options read from file assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#225 Support ganged or multivalue Cmdline Option with subOptions assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#230 make "a = []" do the right thing when a is of a known type assigned Chuck enhancement minor
#245 Provide framework and implementation for some code metrics assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#246 warn on overwriting variable as a for loop's variable new enhancement trivial
#253 Provide some minimal allowance for use of multidim and jagged arrays assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#263 Provide Treaps implementation for cobra assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#269 Add Enum handling features new enhancement minor
#272 Support generic declaration of sig (delegate) new enhancement medium
#275 More support for Java BackEnd assigned hopscc enhancement medium
#279 Warn about unused method's argument assigned Charles enhancement trivial
#281 Correct cobra rtl String.count consistent with .Net Collections/Linq assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#282 Useful compile error (when misusing generics) new enhancement minor
#290 Add DefaultDictionary.cobra to Cobra.Core new enhancement medium
#300 allow to chain a few exceptions with a single body new enhancement minor
#305 Add restrictions for underscores in numeric literals new enhancement minor
#309 tests in mixins new enhancement major
#310 enum check on compilation new enhancement major
#312 Support some form of conditional compilation assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#315 cobra support multiple return values assigned Chuck enhancement minor
#319 Move to .Net 4.0: Cobra dynamic codegen should use 'dynamic' type new enhancement minor
#322 Support immutable/readOnly on class decl new enhancement minor
#327 Move to .Net 4.0: Generate C# lambdas for Cobra lambdas (Codegen) new enhancement medium
#328 Move to .Net 4.0: Support Co and ContraVariance new enhancement minor
#329 Move to .Net 4.0: Generate C# Automatic properties and Object Initializers for Cobra property inits (codegen) new enhancement medium
#331 Bind to C# extension methods assigned hopscc enhancement major
#332 Ref and Lib paths need some platform pattern for 32 vs 64 bit Frameworks assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#338 Cleanup codegen to minimise insertion of invariant/contracts boilerplate code new hopscc enhancement medium
#339 Provide a nil safe dereference operator assigned Chuck enhancement medium
#341 Require (some) binary operators to have spaces around them new enhancement medium
#350 Handle more forward references in `var` initialization expressions new enhancement minor
#375 Confusing error message when omitting `as dynamic` new enhancement trivial
#120 Support verbatim string notation assigned Chuck idea medium Cobra 0.9
#229 -files: could use more power new idea minor
#278 implanting Doc-strings inside Attributes to keep them in code to be readily assesed while programming new Charles idea minor
#381 Is this Language Dead? assigned Charles idea major
#18 CodeDom Support new task major
#19 Create a .msi installer new task major
#24 Create a DLR backend new task minor
#135 misleading/non consistent warning message when assigning result of void returning method new task trivial
#320 Provide a tool to automate conversion of C# code to cobra code new task medium
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