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Vim Cobra Support

Single User

Change to home directory

cd $HOME

Get the most recent updates from the Mercurial repository via a clone

hg clone cobra-vim

For *.zip, *.gz, and *.bz2 archives download the file from

Create a .vim directory if one isn't already present

mkdir .vim

Then copy the three folders (indent, ftdetect, syntax) from cobra-vim into the .vim directory:

cp -r cobra-vim/* .vim

Open or create a file with a .cobra extension and you will have highlighting and indentation for Cobra

All Users

For all users use your system admin privileges to copy the indent/cobra.vim, ftdetect/cobra.vim, and syntax/cobra.vim into Vim's indent, ftdetect, and syntax directories, respectively. These directories are found in the Vim home path. An example of such a Vim path is /usr/share/vim/vim72.

Coming soon

*Improved support for generics *Support for initializations *In comment support


Per Eric Z. Beard:

Vim set to python works Ok in a pinch.

au BufNewFile,BufEnter *.cobra set noexpandtab ts=4 sw=4 filetype=python