Release Notes


Cobra 0.3 now works on Novell Mono, adds slicing, adds "for expressions", makes syntactic and semantic refinements, reports more errors at once, eliminates false error chains, and fixes several bugs. Obviously, the best Cobra yet!

Additions / Major Improvements

print s[i:j] print s[:-1] # all but last character print s[1:] # all but first character
lengths = for s in strings get s.length outstanding = for cust in customers where cust.balance get cust # general form is: for VAR in SEQUENCE get VALUE # or, for VAR in SEQUENCE where CONDITION get VALUE
cobra -compile -files=files-to-compile.text

Refinements / Minor Improvements

assert [1, 4, 9] == for x in [1, 2, 3] get x*x
class Vehicle def drive is nonvirtual pass class Car def drive is new pass
try ... catch IndexOutOfRangeException ...