How To
Print Hello World
Write Basic Syntax
Use Properties
Make An If Else Ladder
Make A Branch Statement
Declare Inits
Use Lists
Use Arrays
Make A Class Hierarchy
Use Nil And Nilable Types
Use Dynamic Typing
Declare Variable Number Of Args
Read And Write Files
Check Inheritance And Implementation
Customize Object Equality
Pass References To Methods
Translate Pseudo Code To Cobra 1
Translate Pseudo Code To Cobra 2
Implement IEnumerable 1
Implement IEnumerable 2
Iterate Through Recursive Data With Yield
Make A Collection Class
Declare Contracts
Win Forms
Access MySQL
Open TK
The How To programs demonstrate language features and techniques organized by topic and set in a specific, useful order. The programs don't actually accomplish much when run. Instead, their value is in their source code and the explanatory comments within. To learn Cobra syntax and features, you should read each of these programs in order.

In contrast to these How To programs, the Sample Programs do something useful or interesting. Consequently, they use whatever Cobra features they need to in order to accomplish their goals. You will find them interesting as well.

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