Release Notes

Cobra Release 0.7.3

Cobra 0.7.3 adds How To examples for contracts, threads and forms programming. Additionally, there are ten refinements and thirteen bugfixes to the language and libraries.

How To's

There are new How To's for:


Language Refinements

def method(a as int, _ b as int) print a, b

Also, the continued line is the one place you can mix tabs and spaces for indentation by using spaces after the tabs to line up your continuation line with the one above to suit your taste. If you're using spaces for indentation, you can use as many or as few extra spaces for alignment.

print sharp'new Object().GetHashCode()' print sharp"new Object().GetHashCode()"
error: The contract must be declared "or require" rather than "require" because the code member is "override".
for entry in someDictionary ct_trace entry

Other Refinements

cobra -c -o myprog.cobra
foo.cobra(4): error: Cannot find a definition for "OSVersion" in "Environment".
There are members with similar names including "osVersion", "getOSVersionString" and "version".
c.getNumericValue c.getUnicodeCategory c.isControl c.isDigit c.isHighSurrogate c.isLetter c.isLetterOrDigit c.isLower c.isLowSurrogate c.isNumber c.isPunctuation c.isSeparator c.isSurrogate c.isSymbol c.isUpper c.isWhiteSpace c.toLower c.toLowerInvariant c.toUpper c.toUpperInvariant c.toString
print System.String.getType