Array.clear method

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Array.clear method

Postby Ajrat » Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:45 am

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gothicBands = @['Tones on Tail', 'Bauhaus', 'Systers of Mercy']
Array.clear(gothicBands, 1, 2)
for gothicBand in gothicBands
    print '[gothicBand], ' stop

When I run the above, I experience...

error: Argument 1 of method "clear" expects type Array?, but
the call is supplying type String[].
Compilation failed - 1 error
Not running due to errors above.

I change the code. Then all is well

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gothicBands = @['Tones on Tail', 'Bauhaus', 'Systers of Mercy']
gothicBandsArr = Array.createInstance(Type.getType('System.String'), gothicBands.length)
for i in gothicBands.length
    gothicBandsArr.setValue(gothicBands[i], i)
Array.clear(gothicBandsArr, 1, 2)
for i in gothicBandsArr.getLength(0)
    print '[gothicBandsArr.getValue(i)], ' stop

Is there short a path without explicit work with Array class?
Sorry for my bad English.
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Re: Array.clear method

Postby Charles » Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:57 pm

This is not currently supported and it's not clear what Array.clear should do if the type is String or Controller vs. String? or Controller?.

Arrays are not heavily used in Cobra btw. Lists and MultiList (and other collections) are much more common.
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