Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

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Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby RIGHT_THEN » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:23 am


i have just uploaded a sharpdevelop addin for cobra.
Please try it out for that download it from

it is very primitive thou

But it can do this
1) create/open Projects/Solutions For Console ,Windows And Library
Projects and also wpf Projects without xaml support
2) compile and run the created or opened Projects/solutions
3) breakpoint setiting while debugging but with some variable information
4) syntax highlighting

it works correctly on my computer please try it for me to know if the files have been
correctly uploded.

there is source code as well as the developed addin. unzip or unrar the
Addin archive and read the readme file in that to know how to use it.

in nut shell you have to copy the CobraBinding Folder To Addins/BackendBindings Folder somewhere in your Sharpdevelop installation Folder. Start your Shardevelop and
Click on new/Solution you will see COBRA there click it select the template provide the name for your solution Hit OK . Click on Build Button or Directly Click Run. you would see
something. that means it is working.

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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby todd.a » Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:06 pm


I tried using your Cobra addin and experienced a couple problems with running/debugging Cobra executables. I am running Windows 7 x64 and it is running SharpDevelop 3.2 as an x86 process since I assume that is what they have set as their target CPU. When running with the debugger attached, the message box in the attached image is shown, but even after effecting the suggested change it gives the same error message :S. I tried C# programs with the same configuration and it appears to work, so maybe there is something that can be tweaked?

Out of the box running without the debugger crashes but I've determined this is because the Cobra.Lang.dll is not able to be referenced (I'm running from the source so it may not be in the GAC for me). Maybe copying Cobra.Lang.dll to the bin directory can be a precaution for unsuspecting users.

I'd also sugges targeting major versions of the SD IDE (for more flexibility) unless there are incompatibilities between minor versions, at the moment it is apparently specific to minor versions (does not work with SD 3.1, for example).

Apart from setbacks I experienced it looks like you are off to a great start. I look forward to any updates you have planned.

Is there anywhere to get the highlighter to perform contextual highlighting, for e.g. in "as xxx" we know xxx is a type from the context in which is used? Just wondering, as I'm clueless as to how powerful the highlighter is.
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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby RIGHT_THEN » Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:40 pm

hello Mr. todd.a

thanks for trying it out and please accept my appologies for the addin not working
correctly for you because surely all the problems in it are created by me and i cannot put a simily for that.

now sir i have allready made two updates to it the last one being more stable and improved
yours is the only review so i dont know if it is breaking for every one else also.
in your case here are the suggestions. and first is a confession
i am just a "hello world" hobbiyst programmer and not a expert on anything so please bear
with what you might read now.

yours is a 64-bit OS mine is 32-bit ( Yours is a Ferrari mine is a VW-BETTLE, you live in Beverly hills i live in nothignham kind of a thing!!! ) so binaries maynot be very compatible specially if your processor is itanium of sorts.but even then to your Cobra.lang problem
the addin is not using the cobra.lang on your computer that was there before you installed the plugin rather the Cobra.lang that is supplied with the Addin itself along with cobra.exe
and cobra.lang.compiler.dll . these have been compiled on 32 operating system

so if you have binaries of cobra that are specific to your system then two things you can do
in the Directory CobraBindings which is in the Addins Folder of your Sharpdevelop Installation
copy the Cobra.exe cobra.lang.dll and cobra.lang.compiler.dll of your choice or that are compatible to your system.the addin will then use them instead.

if you were to create projects like console or winforms then that very cobra.lang is referenced by default.if for some reason it is still problametic than remove the default reference
and reference it from the location of your choice and even path for it can be specified as is done on console with -lib: but this time going to Reference Paths Tab in Project Properties select the path with the Dialog box and Click AddPath but even then i am not sure about 64 bit platform because i dont have it.

one other thing to do is download the Source code of the plugin
open it in sharpdevelop and look at all the references it makes remove them all and again add the reference for all of them through the assemblies that are on your computer with the same name then compile it and from the Bin directory of both the projects because there are two projects in this addin copy the files to your Cobrabinding addin folder all the files that were there should be replaced by the files that are compiled on your system according to the assemblies that are on your system now that the plugin has been created on your system it should work. my system it is working but i have not worked with cobra or made programms in it only the howto programms i am using to compile and looking at them outputing correctly.

and please download the latest plugin again because i have made improvements in it i have even attached a howto File with every project to guide with certain ways that user might want to use . about debugging i dont know sharp develop debugger should pick up the cobra files correctly but it is not for the purpose of showing the values but breakpoints and stepping through the programm can be done only today i was surprised when VS2008 Express edition started debugging corbra when i was tweeking with something but i dont know how to reproduce was showing beautifully the values of variables when i placed mouse over them in cobra file.

and yes i am using the latest version of
sharpdevelop "SharpDevelop Version :"

or were you refering to cobra version.

in the new update you can send Command line options
correctly so anything you would do on Command prompt. can now be done from inside Sharpdevelop through
Commandline option. earlier i had hardcoded -kif: and few
other options beacuse command line was not working correctly
now i have removed all the options except -c: ( for compiling and
-d:1 for producing Debug information to be used by debugger rest of the things user can specify as his choice is. like for making it fast
-turbo: etc etc. and also warning and error messages display in
ouput window has been improved for any error or message belonging to the source files clicking on them wil take you there. but from out put window. from error and warning window i have been successfull in displaying messages there but they dont take you to the location of the
cause. i have my self posted some quries to sharpdevelop forum on recieval it may be improved.

i hope it works out for you. if i missed something
you can ask again.

i can keep improving it for making the projects and compilation
mode better but Code Completion and Code folding and Interactive
Form making need parser implemented and i dont know about the inner
workings of cobra yet and to know it i am trembling allready.

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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby todd.a » Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:54 am

I got your latest update but still got the 64-bit issue when debugging. I believe this is due to SharpDevelop and not your addin because of the "Build > Set platform" (main menu) forcing to x86. I am not too sure what implications this has, but an AnyCPU is probably needed for seamless x86 and x64 work.

Aside from that the binaries you provided work fine.

For the Cobra.Lang.dll users should note that although SD has the properties panel to set "Local copy" to true for references, it does not allow it (or I couldn't find a way). So you may have to copy it to the bin directory manually.
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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby Charles » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:42 am

Anything new with SharpDevelop support? Do you have any questions about Cobra or need anything from it to help with this?
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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby RIGHT_THEN » Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:52 am


Added following Commands To the Cobra Menu
Cobra menu is only visible when some .cobra file is open
otherwise it gets hidden

Generate Document
Run Tests
Compiler Version

use Run And compile if you want to control which compiler options
you want to pass from with in code file as well as from CmdLine which is
in the projects Debug Tab. if you want to keep the contracts even while in release mode
or any other feature like this do it using these options. because only -c and -r are passed to
compiler along with project related info but no compiler switch is passed leaving it on the
user to do it so to have maximum control.

Because Build And Rebuild will do default things. like while in release mode
-turbo: option is used to compile your assembly that removes all the contracts
and also optimises the assembly.

Run Test
You can see your Tests in notepad when this Menu option is used i.e notepad will display
Test results. and after that will keep on appending results to the same file for same project
you can remove previous results by simply deleting them.

Refactored CobraBuildTasks dll in major way.

all assemblies that are not in GAC including Cobra.lang.dll are now copied to the
output folder of your application by default so that you dont get a broken assembly
on account of references.

USE Highlight
highlight option will produce HTML version of your code files in your code path.

remember output for all the cmds above are redirected to Output window.

if you use the Run command while including contracts it might happen
that your assembly compiles but Produces error while running or does not run at all
then dont panic it could be that there is some ensure, or require or invariant you have set
that is causing it. because you are not passing correct value.

like you have set that num1 > 10 but you pass it a value of 3
contracts would complain then.
so check your contracts.

it is using .net4 compiler by default now

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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby suliman » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:39 pm

It's look like Cobra addin do not work for me. I have got next error when I try to make new project. ... a48c99.jpg

Also it's cause exception on SharpDevelop 4.1 beta.
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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby RIGHT_THEN » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:39 am

Hello Suliman

suliman wrote:It's look like Cobra addin do not work for me. I have got next error when I try to make new project. ... a48c99.jpg

Also it's cause exception on SharpDevelop 4.1 beta.

i am sorry for your inconvenience but plugin is meant for SharpDevelop 4.0 (stable)
and not for SharpDevelop 4.1 (beta)
or SharpDevelop 4.2 (alpha)
i am very busy these days and have no time for this. ( apologies ).
your screenshot leads me to believe that it might be a problem
with sharpdevelop 4.1 itself. thou admitidly i would confess that
i have not investigated wheather sharpdevelop has again broken
the addin architechture for plugins as it did from 3.2 to 4.0
if so then some tweaking might be required for 4.1 and 4.2 but 4.0 would
work with all .net 4.0 and net 2.0 .. 3.5 assemblies.
did u try it with SD 4.0 ?

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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby suliman » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:20 pm

Yes, I mean that on 4.1 the exception is rise, but in 4.0 is showing error message.
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Re: Please Try The Sharp Develop Addin For Cobra

Postby RIGHT_THEN » Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:18 am

Hello Suliman

i cant reproduce this problem on my system even after installing the latest
sharpdevelop 4.0 (stable) . what system are you using i am using
Win7 32-bit.

and what happens after the error message if you press okay or yes?
does it continue to work after that or it is dead as soon as the error occurs?

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