Updated How-To's and Samples.

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Updated How-To's and Samples.

Postby Charles » Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:23 pm

I have updated the How-To's and Samples, in part, to reflect the latest Cobra compiler and coding style. In that area, the changes were mostly these three:

-- The first statement of a "cue init" needs to be a call to another .init in the same class or the base class.

-- "def main is shared" can now simply be "def main"

-- .typeOf is preferred over .getType as the first will be portable between back-ends. (The method name "getType" will not work well on some platforms like JVM where that method is not declared in Object and the naming convention "getFoo" is popular with developers.)

Other improvements include:

-- Minor expansion of some How-To's such as adding lists, dictionaries and sets to "How To Write Basic Syntax".

-- Minor formatting improvements.

-- Added FindWords sample.
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