Cobra 2010-10-18 Released

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Cobra 2010-10-18 Released

Postby Charles » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:46 am

Download from


(2010-04-23) New -document-library or -doc-lib option to document libraries as opposed to source code.
Use like: cobra -doc-lib:System.Web

(2010-04-23) Doc generator improvements.
* Show values for constants.
* Show events.
* Show `out` and `inout` modifiers on parameter types.
* Support indexers.
* Highlight references to types.
* Pick up styles from the current directory as well as the sibling ../styles/ directory.

(2010-05-01) Missing `inout` produces a C# error message rather than a Cobra error message. ticket:199 credit:hopscc

(2010-05-02) Added new overloads to String.split to take a single string rather than a character or an array of strings.

(2010-05-05) Improve error messages when in/out/inout arguments and parameters mismatch.

(2010-05-07) Improve error checking around capitalized local variables.

(2010-05-07) Improve error messages.

(2010-05-09) Suggest "print" when user attempts to use "puts" from Ruby.

(2010-05-10) Bump the Mono version requirement from 1.9 to 2.0 which was already in the docs and already effectively required. reported-by:themaniac

(2010-05-15) For dynamic-typed values, numeric promotion is now applied to comparisons the same way that is applied to arithmetic.

(2010-05-22) Added new sample: Simple English Parser.

(2010-06-01) Added a comment about a known exception when running unit tests on Windows on network drives.

(2010-06-05) Enumeration members can now be placed on the same line separated by commas. credit:hopscc

(2010-06-05) Improve -doc and -doc-type HTML output.

(2010-06-19) Made properties using `from var` search for a __name after _name. ticket:205 credit:hopscc

(2010-06-21) Reserved keyword "par" for parallel programming enhancements.

(2010-06-24) Improve the output of `ct_trace`.

(2010-07-02) Deprecate `$sharp(...)` in favor of `sharp'...'` and `sharp"..."`. ticket:207 credit:hopscc

(2010-07-02) Installer: Don't overwrite symbolic links. Fix bug in copying "cobra" into the path when it already exists. ticket:209 credit:nevdelap,Chuck.Esterbrook

(2010-07-04) Update copyright.

(2010-07-31) Print errors and warnings to stderr which is preferred by some IDEs and matches some other compilers.

(2010-07-31) Accommodate XNA library oddity where some method arguments have empty names ('').

(2010-07-31) Added new XNA How-To courtesy of Kurper. Can you outrun the dog?

(2010-08-23) Clarify -compile-if-needed in the cobra -help. In response to ticket:240

(2010-09-11) Structs have implicit parameterless initializers and do not allow explicit ones to be declared.

(2010-10-11) Improvements and fixes around Mono 2.8

(2010-10-13) Add a How-To for using OpenTK.


(2010-04-10) Fixed: Cannot directly refer to an open generic type such as `t = List<of>`. ticket:192 reported-by:gauthier

(2010-04-22) Fixed: Missing error checks for `out` and `inout` being used on an indexer or property. reported-by:omar-syed

(2010-04-25) Fixed: `someEnum is nil` causes a run-time exception.

(2010-04-25) Fixed: `cobra -compile-if-needed ...` is broken on Mono only.

(2010-04-30) Fixed: Cannot access `libtcodWrapper.Console`.

(2010-05-01) Fixed: Failure to infer types related to System.Text.RegularExpressions (MatchCollection and GroupCollections items). ticket:163 credit:hopscc

(2010-05-05) Fixed: changeset:2304 caused a regression regarding the `void` type and member access.

(2010-05-07) Fixed: Cannot use a chained comparison (`0 <= i < 10`) in a `require` or `ensure` contract.

(2010-05-13) Fixed: Adding an `int` and a `decimal` through dynamic vars fails at run-time.

(2010-05-15) Fixed: Cannot use a chained comparison (0 <= i < 10) in an invariant.

(2010-05-15) Fixed: Cannot inherit from a generic type with a type parameter that is nilable.

(2010-05-20) Fixed: The expression `nil is x`, where `x` is a nilable type, generates a false error message.

(2010-05-23) Fixed: The error message `A try needs at least one...` mentions `except` when it should mention `catch`.

(2010-06-05) Fixed: Only the last `test` of a series of tests is included in the compiler's output.

(2010-07-02) Fixed: Assignment expressions can cause an internal compiler error under certain conditions. ticket:206 reported-by:hopscc

(2010-07-02) Fixed: Dynamic binding cannot find `shared` methods. ticket:208

(2010-07-07) Fixed: The warning `File is empty.` does not mention a filename.

(2010-07-08) Fixed: File and line number are duplicated in some compiler error messages. ticket:212

(2010-08-15) Fixed: Some invariants cause an internal error. ticket:248 reported-by:nevdelap

(2010-08-23) Fixed: Bad code gen for structs containing ref types. ticket:238 credit:hopscc

(2010-09-02) Fixed: Bad code gen for equality and inequality comparisons for structs. reported-by:nevdelap

(2010-09-02) Fixed: Cannot use the `Cairo.Format.Argb32` enum. ticket:250 reported-by:nevdelap

(2010-09-02) Fixed: Some initialization expressions for a `var` or `const` declaration give an internal error. ticket:222 reported-by:nevdelap credit:hopscc

(2010-09-03) Fixed: Using a struct-typed `result` in a method's `ensure` produces a false error message. ticket:219 reported-by:nevdelap

(2010-09-11) Fixed: Invoking .getEnumerator binds to the wrong version (generic vs. non) in some cases.

(2010-10-11) Fixed: .isRunningOnUnix can incorrectly return false in some cases.

(2010-10-11) Fixed: The expression `Foo.(5)` causes an compiler exception rather than a syntax error. reported-by:soham
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Re: Cobra 2010-10-18 Released

Postby Charles » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Although their names are already scattered in the above release notes, special thanks to the following users who contributed code and feedback:

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Re: Cobra 2010-10-18 Released

Postby nevdelap » Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:53 pm

Congratulations on all the great progress you guys. I've been so busy work-wise that I haven't been on the forum for ages, but that busyness is including people at my work using an application of mine which includes about 6000 lines of cobra in its 9000 lines (the rest C#). So still loving it and appreciating it big time.
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Re: Cobra 2010-10-18 Released

Postby Charles » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:10 am

Awesome. In addition to the forums, you might find the Trac timeline is also an interesting place to check for updates.
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