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Cobra Editor

Postby Misto » Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:01 pm

Hi Chuck!

I was interested in your thougths on the Cobra editor.
Seems that the most obvious choice will be a Visual Studio Plugin.
What is your plan on it? Writing the Cobra editor in Cobra ? (yes yes)
Taking something from the IronPython version?

I would like to collaborate on the Cobra compiler, but first I think is better to create a solid tool for the language (so I will try to collaborate on the tool first :P) .

You can chop a tree with a knife, but is better to spend some time buying an Axe :D
If you integrate cobra with a free powerfull editor, things will go much more smooth.

Thank You!
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Re: Cobra Editor

Postby Charles » Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:43 pm

Well one form of a free powerful editor is to take something like UltraEdit, JEdit or TextMate and give it the config for syntax highlighting. You'll find a forum post about syntax highlighting tips and there was at least one post for somebody's favorite text editor.

When I get the wiki up (hopefully this upcoming weekend) then we'll have a sticky place for those resources.

Re: Visual Studio + Cobra, my current plan is to implement this myself and sell it for $49 a pop. The idea is that if I could sell enough copies, then I could work on Cobra full time including the support on this forum and the open source compiler. My original plan was to start March 1, but now that's moved to March 15/16 as I work on the next round of bugs and gaps needed to make Cobra more viable.

I have other ideas for paying the bills with Cobra including a book, enterprise support contracts and ads on the site. Of course, contracting with Cobra is another option, but those hours wouldn't be spent on the core language and compiler whereas the other ideas could pay off in parallel. I need to do something if I want to move from "part-time hobby mode" to "full-time serious mode". Anyway, suggestions are welcome.

Cobra is open source under the MIT license, so you are free to pursue any option you like including SharpDevelop, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio or something from scratch.
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Re: Cobra Editor

Postby ericzbeard » Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:28 pm

Vim set to python works Ok in a pinch.

au BufNewFile,BufEnter *.cobra set noexpandtab ts=4 sw=4 filetype=python

It wouldn't be too hard to make a cobra.vim. I'll have to play with the language some more to see what kind of plugins would be nice.
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Re: Cobra Editor

Postby Charles » Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:31 pm

That sounds great. I'll work on the wiki on Saturday and once we have that up we'll start an EditorSupport page where this information can stick.
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