Where is CobraCore?

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Where is CobraCore?

Postby themaniac » Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:55 am


Apologies in advance for the stupid question, but I've started trying to learn Cobra, and my first stumbling block was trying to find what is provided by CobraCore (and whatever the other automatically imported module is). But CobraCore isn't obviously in the svn repository:

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max@heaven ~/extscm/cobra $ find ./ -iname CobraCore*
max@heaven ~/extscm/cobra $

Am I missing something obvious? (or is it not in the svn repository for some reason)

Also, my first attempt to use it in anger was to create a oneliner to download a bunch of files (I'd normally use python for this). It occurred to me that it would be handy if there was some argument to the compiler to put cruft round the stuff in the file to make this easier (cf perl)?

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cobra -M Foo.cobra

(M for insert main or some such)

where Foo.cobra is e.g.
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for n in 1..10
    print n

gets interpreted as
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class Foo
    def main is shared
        for n in 1..10
             print n
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Re: Where is CobraCore?

Postby Charles » Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:35 am

I think what you're missing is the use of grep which will give you more interesting results:
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$ grep -i "class cobracore" */*.cobra

Most of the time that I work on the implementation, I'm down in the Source/ directory. You can also find where things are used:
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$ grep -i truthexpr *.cobra

Actually, I have one-liner shell scripts for searching like so:
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$  cat ~/bin/gco
# grep cobra
grep -rniH --color --include=*.cobra --include=*.text "$*" .
$  cat ~/bin/gpy
# grep python
grep -rniH --color --include=*.py --include=*.text "$*" .
$ cd Cobra-Workspace
$ gco "class cobracore"

I like the -M idea. It will require a little bit of work to move the "use" directives out.

Since you're a shell guy, you should note that currently you cannot pass args like so:
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$ cobra myprog.cobra arg1 arg2

Cobra is greedy and will try to use arg1 and arg2 for itself. This was discussed earlier and will be fixed although I seem to always be tied up with other items. Patches are welcome.
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