This Week - Presentation, Open Source, Release

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This Week - Presentation, Open Source, Release

Postby Charles » Sun Feb 24, 2008 1:24 pm

It's a big week!

On Thursday Feb 28th, I'll be presenting Cobra to the SoCal Piggies in the Los Angeles area. See

On Friday Feb 29th, Cobra will go open source for the first time. (MIT license in case you're wondering.)

There will be a new release this week. Not sure of the date yet. Sometime between Wed and Sat. :)

The release will have the usual fixes and refinements. There will be assembly level attributes and new command line options -key-file, -key-container and -delay-sign. You can see I'm sneaking up on getting Cobra.Lang.dll into the GAC. Also, I think I can get in the initial support for declaring delegates/method signatures since I'm part way through that now.
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