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Useful compile error (when misusing generics)

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Component: Cobra Compiler Version: 0.8.0
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I work primarily in C#, and so I get used to the C# way of doing generics such as List<int>, and forget the "of" keyword.

When this happens, I get an error: "Expecting an expression" which doesn't really help much and if I'm not remembering this particular issue, I will sometimes hunt down rabbit trails.

If the error message could check to see if angle brackets are used, and then use a message like "Improper generic usage. Use genericType<of T> format." I think it would be helpful.

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I totally agree. I actually took a crack at this earlier, but it was not too easy. It's worth a ticket and another try though. Thanks for the report.

Changed 5 years ago by hopscc

See also ticket:118

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