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Let's say your company name is MyCompany and your project is called MyProject. You want to put most of your code for the project in a library, with a small console program to provide a command line interface to it.

Here are the steps done with XamarinStudio 4.2.3 on Windows.

Create a New Solution with Library Project

  • Launch Xamarin Studio
  • File > New > Solution
  • Choose Cobra > Console Project
  • Give a name like "MyCompany.MyProject.Lib" in the "Name:" field
  • Edit the "Solution name:" field to chop off the ".Lib" to make it "MyCompany.MyProject"
  • Leave "Create directory for solution" checked.
  • Click "OK"
  • Edit the class:
class Thing


    get two as int
        return 2

Create Console Project

  • In the solution outline, the very top node says "MyCompany.MyProject"
  • Right click it and choose Add > Add New Project
  • Choose Cobra > Console Project
  • Give a name like "MyCompany.MyProject.Console" in the "Name:" field.
  • Right click in the new project in the solution outline and choose "Set As Startup Project"
  • Open Program.cobra in the solution outline and add "Console.readLine":
class Program

    def main
        print 'Hello, world!'
        Console.readLine  # <--- add this

Copy the Core

I like to copy Cobra's core library to co-reside with my program. This insulates it from the environment.

  • Right click "MyCompany.MyProject.Console" and choose "Options"
  • Choose "Compiler"
  • Make sure "Embed Run Time" is unchecked
  • Add "-copy-core" to the "Cobra Arguments:"
  • Click "OK"

Run It

Try running the project.

  • Choose from the menu, Run > Start Without Debugging
    • If you get an error about System.Core, expand the References of the Console project in the solution outline, right click and choose "Delete".

You should see output like:

Hello, world!

    trace : t.two=2
          - at Program.cobra:14
          - in Program.main

Press "Return" to continue.

Build Files

In the file system, under the directory MyCompany?.MyProject?\MyCompany?.MyProject?.Console\bin\Debug

you will now have these files:

Cobra.Core.dll MyCompany?.MyProject?.Console.exe MyCompany?.MyProject?.Console.pdb MyCompany?.MyProject?.Lib.dll MyCompany?.MyProject?.Lib.pdb

Where to go from here

  • You can now start fleshing out your library.
  • You can use that library from the console program.
  • You can later use that library in a web site, web service or GUI app.
  • Explore the right click menus in Xamarin Studio.
  • Try out some breakpoint debugging.
  • If you get stuck or experience bugs, get on the Cobra discussion forums.
  • If you see errors on this page, or you have additional tips, edit this page. That's the "wiki way".