Doc Generator

You can generate HTML API docs from Cobra source code with the -document/-doc option, and from libraries with -doc-lib.

# general form

cobra -document <files>
cobra -doc <files>
cobra -doc-lib:<library>

# examples

cobra -doc MyApp.cobra Foo.cobra Bar.cobra
cobra -doc -files:source-files.text

cobra -doc-lib:Cobra.Core
cobra -doc-lib:System
cobra -doc-lib:System.Core
cobra -doc-lib:System.Web
cobra -doc-lib:mscorlib

The files end up in a subdirectory called gen-docs/ with one file per type/class and an index.html to list them all.


There is not yet a standard for formatting, see-also, etc.

There are numerous outstanding improvements that could be made to both formatting and navigation. See HelpWanted for more information.

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