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Help Wanted

Cobra is a community driven open source project. The license is the "short and sweet" MIT license meaning that you can use Cobra in both open source and commercial projects.

There are many ways to help with Cobra and all are appreciated.

Participate in the discussion

We have  discussion forums where you can ask questions, answer questions, comment and report problems.

Participate in the wiki

This wiki is editable by the community. The login and password are the same as the discussion forums. Register there first.

Feel free to improve pages in any way:

  • add knowledge
  • correct mistakes
  • improve grammar, spelling, etc.

A great time to edit the wiki is right after you have learned something and the lesson is fresh.

Spread the Word

Spread the word about Cobra through email (but no spamming please), IM, IRC, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. More exposure brings in more users which expands the community and helps all of us.

How To's

Any kind of "how to" that shows how to do something with Cobra or how to leverage existing libraries and tools with Cobra is a great contribution. This could be in the form of a Cobra program with comments and doc strings, or it would be a wiki page.

Auxiliary Development

This is any kind of development that uses Cobra. We have several of these already which are tracked at RelatedProjects. Of course, we don't need to (re)invent everything as Cobra leverages .NET; hence, the DotNetProjects page.

That's All

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