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     1== Introduction == 
     3Cobra is an open source project under the MIT license. Using Cobra out of the source code repository is: 
     5 * Safe, because Cobra accumulates stability through an automated regression suite, currently containing over 700 test programs. 
     6 * Easy, because there is an "install-from-workspace" script available to build Cobra correctly and install it into your system. 
     7 * Rewarding, because you get to use the latest features. You'll see new features and fixes discussed in the [ forum] after which you can update your workspace and run the installer again. 
     9== How To == 
     11On Windows, to run the installer for the first time, you do the following. On Vista, you may need to run as admin or power user. 
     13> svn co cobra-workspace 
     14> cd cobra-workspace/Source 
     15> install-from-workspace 
     18On Mac/Linux/Unix: 
     20$ svn co cobra-workspace 
     21$ cd cobra-workspace/Source 
     22$ sudo ./install-from-workspace 
     25The output will give you information about installation location and PATH. If your PATH already contained a `cobra.bat` or `cobra` script, it will be updated to point to the latest installation. 
     27If you already have a workspace, start this with before running the installer: 
     29cd cobra-workspace 
     30svn up 
     31cd Source 
     34...on any platform. Then run the installer. 
     36Additional notes: 
     38 * It is safe to run the install script multiple times. 
     39 * It is safe to remove the workspace afterwards if you need the space. 
     40 * Of course, you can use a Subversion client other than the command line one. 
     42== Recreating the Workspace == 
     44You may need to recreate the exact same version of the workspace on another machine to ensure that you have an identical version of Cobra. First, get the exact revision number of the original workspace: 
     47svn info 
     48>svn info 
     49Path: . 
     51Repository Root: 
     52Repository UUID: 30746285-aa12-4141-907f-d1d40c2173e5 
     53Revision: 1780 
     54Node Kind: directory 
     55Schedule: normal 
     56Last Changed Author: Chuck.Esterbrook 
     57Last Changed Rev: 1780 
     58Last Changed Date: 2008-11-24 22:08:11 -0800 (Mon, 24 Nov 2008) 
     61Notice the second to last line gives the revision: 
     63Last Changed Rev: 1780 
     66Now on the other machine you can check out exactly that revision: 
     68svn co -r 1780 cobra-workspace 
     69cd cobra-workspace 
     70svn info 
     73== See Also == 
     75 * [ Source] 
     76 * []