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Method Invocation


Class Creation

  • Instance creation calls the matching class initializer ( matches on arglist and types)
  • ClassName() - no args
  • ClassName( arg,arg,....)

Class Methods

  • call as instance.methodName(args, arg, arg...)
  • Methods without params dont require trailing empty () - instance.methodName
  • Methods declared without return type have void returnType, cannot be assigned to anything

Method references

  • ref methodName - Obtain a method reference,
  • pass to listen/ignore statement or store in a variable of the appropriate type ( sig - method Signature)
  • call/invoke using variable name with () following enclosing arglist
  • even if no args requires ()
  • example:

Anon Methods/Closures

  • Captures any local variables in calling scope if used in anon method
  • 'do' keyword
  • anon method/closure code indented on following lines
  • do
    • anon method code
  • do(param, param...)
    • anon method code


  • one line (one expression) anon method
  • do = EXPR
  • do(<param, param...) = EXPR

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