This page contains information on how to get syntax highlighting and function list support in  Notepad++.

Syntax Highlighting

To add syntax highlighting support copy the UserLang node for Cobra from the userDefinedLanguage.xml file attached below.

Place this XML node in the userDefinedLang.xml file at


If this file does not exist then copy the entire file to the destination directory.

Note that the colors used are more geared towards themes with a darker background (the majority of them). This is so because the way user defined languages are handled at the moment is by explicitly setting the colors and not a class name. These colors might make it a bit hard to comfortably read text with the default theme, which has a background color of white.
To change your theme go to Settings >> Style Configurator.

For colors more suited to the default theme use the UserLang node for Cobra in the file userDefineLang-DefaultTheme.xml attached below.
Once again if the file userDefineLang.xml does not exist copy the entire file (userDefineLang-DefaultTheme.xml) and rename it to userDefineLang.xml.

Version 6.2 and Post

Notepad++ changed its Language for defining User Languages ( UDL1.0 -> UDL2.0) requiring a slightly different syntax file. Unfortunately the new UDL doesnt support folding on indent ( which the python lexer does).

So the options now (pending that support in the UDL parser) are: If you want code folding in cobra - you need to augment the Python description with the additional cobra keywords

Get the Style Config dialog up by selecting Settings >> Style Configurator, Select 'Python' in the 'Language' List and select 'KEYWORDS' in the Style list

  • add 'cobra' to the 'user ext.' box
  • add the additional cobra keywords 'cue pro get set shared extend sig test var catch' to the 'User defined keywords' text box
  • Press the 'Save and Close' bttton

If you can do without code folding use a new user defined config for 'Cobra'.

Download the file 'userDefineLang-Cobra-Post6.2.xml below.

  • select Language >> Define Your Language
  • In the dialog press the 'Import' button and load the downloaded file in the popup file dialog
  • You should see a cobra lang definition loaded, press the Close window button in the top rhs of the dialog.

You should now have cobra syntax coloring and a new language entry for 'Cobra' at the bottom of the 'Language' Menu.

FunctionList support

FunctionList is provided as a plugin for Notepad++ so first be sure to install the plugin. To install download the plugin from, unzip, then copy the DLL to

%programfiles(x86)%\Notepad++\plugins if installed to the x86 Program Files directory on 64-bit Windows.

Next, copy the Language node for Cobra found in the FunctionListRules?.xml file attached below. Place this XML node in the FunctionListRules?.xml file at


If the file does not exist then copy the entire file to the destination directory.

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