Nugget is a Cobra library that provides binary serialization for main primitive types like integers, floating point values, dates, strings, lists, and dictionaries.

The main advantage over the serialization libraries found in System.Runtime is that Nugget's encoded objects are only a fraction of the serialization libraries. The encoding is also designed to be simple, comparable to that of JSON.

Supported Types

  • Dictionaries with a String key and Object value
  • Lists of Objects
  • int16, int, int64
  • uint16, uint, uint64
  • float (System.Double)
  • bool
  • Guid
  • DateTime
  • nil
  • String
  • uint8[] - binary data as a byte array


class Program
    def main
        list = ['foo', 'bar']
        bytes = Nugget.encode(list)


Find the source for Nugget attached below.