A Pair is a simple generic class holding 2 typed values.

It is similar to a (2 element) Tuple but less complete.

This class is now part of the Cobra Runtime Library.

There are two forms - one for both elements the same Type and another for separate element types

oneType = Pair<of String>('one', 'two')
twoType = Pair<of String, int>('one', 2)

The elements of the pair are accessed as .a and .b or via indexes as [0] and [1].
A Pair is enumerable so you can also use a for loop on it or unpack the pair elements using multivariable assignment.

p = Pair<of int, String>(1, 'Chook')
assert p.a == 1 and p.b == 'Chook'
assert p[0] == 1 and p[1] == 'Chook'
assert p.toString == "Pair(1, 'Chook')"

for o in p # o is GCD of elements - object
    print o

n,val = p
assert n == 1  #int
assert val =='Chook' #String

p2 = Pair<of int>(1,2)
for i in p2  # i is int
    print i+100  #101 and 102

Comparisons between Pairs such as p1 < p2 are effectively comparisons of their elements.

You can use a Pair's hash code as long as you don't modify the Pair or its elements. That means you can put pairs in sets or use them as keys in dictionaries.

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Source - Pair.cobra