How to add Cobra to existing SciTE Install(simplest):

The simplest way to add Cobra support is to overwrite the Global properties file, add the file, and the file -- all of which are attached to this wiki page. The location to put the associated files will typically be a location like: "C:\Program Files\Scintilla Text Editor"

The cobraproj file allows a list of files to be compiled as a single project (i.e. uses the -files option). Compilation needs to be done on the cobraproj tab.

An example cobraproj file, AppBuilder.cobraproj:


How to add Cobra While Preserving an existing Global Properties file:

To use a file, as provided in one of the forum posts, be sure to make the following changes to the files:

  • Add "Cobra|cobra||\" and "Cobraproj|cobraproj||\" to the list of languages set to the menu.language property. Search for "menu.language=\" to find the location in the file.
  • Add "import cobra" and "import cobraproj" to the list of imports. Search for "import asm" to find the location in the file.
  • OPTIONAL: Add a .cobra and .cobraproj file extensions, by adding "*.cobra;*.cobraproj" to the list of extensions assigned to the "source.files" property. Then add "$(filter.cobra)\" and "$(filter.cobraproj)\" to the assignments to the "open.filter" property. Search for "source.files" to find the location in the file.

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