Visual Cobra

Visual Studio is Microsoft's IDE for .NET.

Visual Cobra by Matthew Strawbridge is the add-in for supporting Cobra syntax highlighting and possibly other features. There are two editions: Visual Cobra and Visual Cobra Express.

Visual Cobra Express

Visual Cobra Express is a standalone GUI for Cobra built on top of Microsoft Visual Studio's standalone shell. This means you can run Visual Cobra Express on Windows without needing Visual Studio itself.

At present the Visual Cobra Express IDE is quite basic: it gives you syntax highlighting and allows you to execute the current file through Cobra from the menu. Hopefully, over time, it will add more features such as projects, templates, code completion and debugging. Please contact Matthew if you are interested in helping to develop these additional features.

You can download Visual Cobra Express from  github. There are two zip files to choose from; unless you already have the Visual Studio Isolated Shell installed, you will need the larger download. See the  readme file (inside the zip) for installation instructions.

Visual Cobra

Visual Cobra is a plug-in that adds Cobra syntax highlighting to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, which you might find useful if you already have Visual Studio installed. The easiest way to download and install it is to search for it from the Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2010 itself.

Visual Cobra was developed before Visual Cobra Express, which uses it as one of its components. Most developers will want to use Visual Cobra Express instead of Visual Cobra to make use of the IDE features beyond simple syntax highlighting.

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