jEdit Support

The attached editing mode provides basic support for Cobra programming on  jEdit. Keep in mind that this mode is a work in progress (so check back regularly for updates). It provides reasonably complete support for colorizing Cobra code, and it provides a useful degree of auto-indentation. However, some syntactic forms are not handled as well as one might like.

To install this editing mode, copy the attached cobra.xml into your jEdit modes folder. The precise location of this folder depends on your platform. On Windows XP it should be, for example, at a location like "C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\.jedit\modes" (replace 'Peter' with your username). On Linux and other Unix-like systems it should be in the .jedit/modes directory in your home directory.

Next edit the catalog.xml file in the same modes folder as where you placed cobra.xml. Add a line such as the following:

<MODE FILE="cobra.xml" NAME="cobra" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{cobra}"/>

This allows jEdit to recognize files ending with .cobra as being associated with this new mode. You will then be able to modify other attributes associated with the mode, such as indentation depth, as usual (in the Global Settings dialog).

Please post any questions, suggestions, or problems that you may have on the  forums.