Gallio Test Framework and Tools

Gallio provides a unit test framework, console test runner, GUI test runner and so much more. It's quite featureful.

Gallio subsumes the MbUnit framework which is included with it.

Regarding the test framework, most of what you see done with unit testing in Gallio/MbUnit? can be done with Cobra's test, assert and expect. For "row test", you can use lists and a for loop which is done in other language communities like Python, but not in ones like C# and Java where lists are not so convenient.

The project home page is at and there are  discussions on it.

Feel free to add tips to this page about using Gallio and MbUnit.


  • Give a project Foo, create a sibling directory Foo.Test to contain your tests.
  • Reference MbUnit and Gallio assemblies.

See also: NUnitFramework, LibraryTopics