MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio

MonoDevelop is the IDE for the Xamarin Mono project. It was initially created as a fork of #develop.

It has its own site at

We have an add-in to provide Cobra support including syntax highlighting, compilation, interactive debugging, tooltips, and some support for code completion. The latest stable version can be installed using the Add-In Manager in MonoDevelop from this repository:

The source code is hosted at GitHub? and is available here:

In February 2013, Xamarin announced a rebranded version of MonoDevelop named Xamarin Studio for Windows and Mac. The same Cobra addin for MonoDevelop will work in Xamarin Studio.



Ubuntu Users

There are no official installation packages for MonoDevelop 5.0 at this time. You'll need to build it from source or use an unofficial PPA.

If you're on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and using MonoDevelop 2.8, you can update to MonoDevelop 3.0 via this PPA if you choose to do so:

For newer versions of Ubuntu, you can also try to upgrade to MonoDevelop 5.0 via this PPA (this has not been tested):

Older Versions

These are links to older versions of the add-in that work with previous releases of! MonoDevelop. No bug fixes will be made for these old versions though and code completion only works when using MonoDevelop 4.0 or later. An older version of Cobra may also be required to successfully install these previous versions. See for specific version requirements.

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