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Cobra 0.9.0 Release Notes

Below are highlights for this release. For even more details including every bug fix, browse the revision log. To get Cobra 0.9, visit  Downloads.


  • Enabled multiple test sections in methods and properties.
  • Added new try...catch...get expression.
  • Added support for namespace doc strings.
  • Added unpacking the new Pair classes with assignments and for loops.
  • Throw an UnpackException? for multi-target assignment (target1, target2 = source) if there is a mismatch in the number of source items and targets
  • Enhanced the treatment of == and <> between objects to fall back to a strongly type .equals method if a strongly typed .compareTo method is not available.
  • Added numeric literals like 45n for number and 45d for decimal. Previously, the d suffix required a decimal portion (45.0d) and there was no n suffix available.
  • Added recognition of the interfaces of primitive types such as int implementing IComparable<of T>.
  • Added proper support for DllImport also known as "P/Invoke".
  • Added local variable creation and type inference for out parameters in method calls.
  • New warnings
    • Do not use the identity operator "is" with an object literal. Use an equality operator such as "==" or "<>".
    • Cannot cast a string to a numeric type. Consider using "int.parse" or "int.tryParse". Use "@help int" for details.
  • Improved error checking and improved error messages.
  • Fixed various bugs.


  • Renamed "Cobra.Lang" to "Cobra.Core"
  • Added MultiList?<of T> class.
  • Added Pair<of TA, TB> and Pair<of T> clasess.
  • Improved the default formatting of the trace statement (which is also configurable).
  • Added CobraCore.operatingSystemDescription as String.
  • Added extension methods:
    • interface IList
      • def addRange(items as System.Collections.IEnumerable)
    • interface IList<of T>
      • def addRange(items as IEnumerable<of T>)
      • def pop as T
    • class Stack<of T>: def clone as Stack<of T>
    • class String
      • def before(sep as String) as String
      • def after(sep as String) as String
      • def count(substring as String) as int
      • def limitLength(maxLength as int, suffix as String?) as String
      • def repeat(times as int) as String
      • def splitWords as List<of String>
  • Added CobraCore.htmlDecode, .urlEncode and .urlDecode.
  • Improved CobraCore.findCobraExe (changset:2473).
  • A Cobra.Compiler library is now always provided during installation.
  • Renamed "CobraInfo" to "CompileTimeInfo" and added .date and .subversionRevision.
  • Fixed various bugs.

Command Line

  • Command line: -native-compiler: The absolute path to the native compiler is no longer required. A simple "csc.exe" or "dmcs" will suffice if it is in the system PATH.
  • Added -clr-platform option (like C#'s -platform option).
  • For "cobra -about", show the path that cobra.exe comes from.


  • Added How To: Customize Object Equality.
  • Added Samples
    • Notepad for WPF
    • Gtk Source Editor
    • HexDump
  • Kickstarted Cobra Koans.
  • Expanded the wiki.
  • Continued discussion and support in the forums.


  • Added support for .NET 4.0.
  • Improved the output of the @help directive.
  • Improved the installer in numerous ways.
  • Expanded the test suite.
  • Advanced the JVM back-end (could still use open source volunteers).
  • Bumped the Mono requirement from 2.4 to 2.6 based on a survey about VM versions.


Cobra is a community-driven, open source project under the MIT license. Direct contributions came from, in order of magnitude:

Suggestions and bug reports came from, in alphabetical order):

agustech, blubb, BrendanSimon?, callisto, creadak, DelphiGuy, drissel, dwilliamii, gissolved, hopscc, jaegs, jetimms, jonathandavid, melger, nerdzero, nevdelap, Obtuse, ObtuseAngle?, RIGHT_THEN, terenced, todd.a, torial

Additional people contributed through testing and discussion.

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