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IDE support

Support within an IDE for cobra is still developing but we have some small beginnings in the following:


CodeLite is a multiplatform IDE for C/C++ with some support for other languages.
See the  CodeLite web site for details.

Some support is available as an addon to CodeLite-1.0.3035 with the insertion of the provided Codelite1 config files laid onto a clean installation.

Somewhat more support is available for CodeLite2 (for 2.0.3365) with a similar addon of Codelite2 config files.

A  mercurial tree of these configurations and notes is available on  bitbucket The repository root is at  bitbucket/hops/cobra

See also the CodeLite Workspace (directory of workspace, project and support files) for building the cobra compiler under CodeLite described at CodeliteCobraWorkspace.




This hasn't been done yet. Here are some starter tips:

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